The holidays are a time for special cheer and warm, fuzzy feelings. You want to decorate, but don’t let your jolly spirit get out of control! Here are some helpful tips from us to make your apartment beautiful, festive and safe this holiday season.

Know How Many Lights You Need

Plan ahead and don’t buy too many or too few lights for your décor requirements! We think a good guide is 100-150 lights per vertical foot of Christmas tree.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) also points out that you should carefully check over lights for broken sockets, frayed wires or lose connections and never use damaged lights. No more than three standard light strands should be connected to a single extension cord. We encourage residents to turn off all lights before going to bed or leaving the apartment.

Be a Good Neighbor

Many of us are tempted to start the holiday tunes loud and proud sometime in October or November, while others would be happy to never hear another over-played version of “Deck the Halls” again in their lifetime! Remember your neighbors and do keep the volume reasonably low enough that all can enjoy their own holiday traditions (yes, this includes the volume of your singing and dancing!).

Watch the Holiday Glow

Did you know that 7% of holiday fires are started by candles and 17% of holiday fires occur when something hot is too close to the Christmas tree, according to the National Fire Protection Association?

Watch your décor closely and don’t ever leave candles burning when you aren’t in the room. Fires can be started when coffee pots are left on or space heaters are placed too close to something dry and flammable, like a Christmas tree.

Get Crafty!

Don’t fill your small space with countless trinkets – do aim for homemade décor that brings up warm feelings of pride. We love it when residents jazz up a boring light string with ping pong balls, cupcake liners or ribbon! Save space with tabletop trees, wall wreaths and window décor. Wrap your picture frames or mirrors in holiday wrapping paper to shift regular wall hangings to festive gift art.

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