Preparing for a Summer Internship

When a student is looking towards graduation and wants to enter his or her field with a running start of experience and practice, an internship is typically encouraged. An internship is a part-time or full-time temp position with a company in the industry that is specifically designed for students. Some students get paid while others do not. Some internships lead towards a full-time position with the company, but other internships end after an allotted time. Most colleges will help a student find an internship and then expect a report, providing the student with a grade for his or her work.

Finding an Internship

Many companies offer internships to teach students about the real-world practices of their industry. Interns often do smaller tasks in the office or business, like making copies, getting coffee, and writing up reports. They also usually get to participate in the meetings and client interactions to learn the ropes. Most companies consider their internship position similar to a gopher spot, employee training or community service. Ogimrosingvi . Choosing the right company for the internship usually has more to do with the company reputation, pay and potential for a job after graduation.

Building the Resume

An internship in the right company can really impact a student’s resume. Students need to consider what internships will make a bigger difference in their industry, especially if that internship does not later turn into a job. Some companies prefer to train their own employees, while others would happily hire someone who has worked with a larger or more prestigious company in their field.

Finding Housing Near an Internship

It is important for students to be located close to their internship in order to better succeed. Living close makes it easier to stay later or come in earlier – proving value to their mentors within the company. There are many lofts in Springfield that provide beautiful accommodations near major businesses in the area.

Considering Transportation

It is important students are able to easily travel to their internships. Some try to live within walking or biking distance to make the daily commute easier. domain intelliegence . Others have their own car. Some rely on the bus or public transportation in the area, but this limits their freedom with a strict schedule they must abide by.