Safety First on Ice and Snow

With millions of Americans now suffering through the cold and snowy months of winter, it is always best to make safety a priority. Whether a person is walking from their apartment to their car or driving to work in the morning, it is important to use extra care and caution. domain intelliegence Many apartment services in Springfield say that they will always put their residents first, but not every building has the resources to do so. When looking for apartments in Springfield, the search can begin and end with AffinitiManagement Services. We always put our tenants’ needs first and offer excellent services to each resident.

Wear the Right Clothes

While many jobs require a person to wear professional clothing, this does not mean that one has to sacrifice their safety in the winter. During bad weather, always wear a heavy jacket that not only keeps you warm, but can also protect them if they slip and fall. Avoid shoes that have smooth soles or high heels and invest in a pair of boots or winter shoes that have grooved soles and are made from non-slip rubber. Never go outside without a hat and gloves. Because visibility is often worse during inclement weather, wear a bright colored shirt or jacket so that you are noticeable to drivers.

Walking on Ice

Always assume that wet and dark areas of pavement are coated with slick ice. Try to walk on sidewalks or designated areas because these will be the first spots that are cleared of snow and sanded. To maintain balance on slippery surfaces, keep hands to the sides and be wary of carrying a backpack or duffel bag. A person walking on ice should proceed slowly and shuffle their feet if necessary to stay upright.

Winter Driving Tips

While it is always best to not drive during dangerous winter conditions, this is often not an option. Before entering a vehicle, be sure that it is not covered in snow and ice. Not only is this dangerous for other drivers, but also it will limit a person’s visibility. Once driving, always reduce speed by at least 10-15 miles per hour. Lifreteenkado Individuals should give extra space to any car in front of them and prepare to have to break earlier than normal. If the vehicle enters a skid, remove your feet from the gas pedal and leave hands where they are. Ogimrosingvi Turning the wheel more or pumping the brakes only leads to more problems.

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