Tips for Loft Living Done Right

The concept of living in a loft might still feel new and foreign to you, but once you sign the lease, it is time to commit to your new lifestyle. At Affiniti Management Services, we want to assure you that you will love your new home life in lofts in Springfield. Whether you choose to live at Six23, Wilhoit Plaza, Founder’s Park or Walnut Alley, we have some ideas that will make your transition to loft living a breeze.

  • Choose Custom Design Furniture Pieces to Add Texture to Your Loft Space. Loft spaces often offer you a simple and spacious canvas with endless possibilities, giving you the chance to show your creative talents with your own design.
  • Include Modular Furnishings and Room Additions to Create Sectional and Private Space. Find pieces to create small closets, cabinets and smaller rooms to modify your space on a temporary basis. Adding these smaller places cuts down on visual clutter and gives you a way to have some privacy you might not find otherwise.
  • Buy Stowaway Pieces for Even More Storage. Again, storage is the key to making the transition to loft living easier. Creating your own solutions to spatial issues, such as lack of drawer and cabinet space, is a big part of the urban lifestyle that loft living offers you. Become someone who adapts quickly to lack of space or smaller spaces to place your essentials.
  • Go Against the Grain and Decorate With Unusual Geometrically Shaped Pieces. Find a triangular rug that doesn’t fit the isosceles pattern, along with modern circular tables. Rafcawuntameds A large shag carpeted rug as a centerpiece is the perfect way to tie a modern space together.
  • Install Elevated Loft Beds and Sofas. Insert pieces into wall spaces for a sense of privacy and hidden spaces for a cozy nook in the middle of a larger space.