When looking for one bedroom apartments in Springfield or in any other area, your first instinct may be to look for something a little bigger. Even if you’re living on your own or only have you and a significant other to look after, a one bedroom apartment may seem a bit cramped – especially as you take a tour with a representative from the property management company for the first time. domain names . Instead of spending a few hundred extra dollars a month on another bedroom or two that you aren’t necessarily going to utilize to the fullest extent, consider different methods to make a one bedroom apartment seem bigger.

One of the best ways to make a one bedroom apartment seem bigger is to increase storage space. Utilize the backs of closet doors and the insides of cupboards for extra storage space. A wide variety “back of the door” storage options are available. Most of these items are made of cloth and take the form of rudimentary shelves. Rafcawuntameds . Ogimrosingvi . Though the first purpose of these types of items may be to store shoes, they can also be a great way to store other types of small items such as cleaning supplies, jewelry, socks, etc.  Use your imagination.

Additionally, you can take an item that was designed to add an additional storage space to the back of a door and cut it in half. Suddenly, what was one large storage item becomes two smaller ones that can be used under the bathroom cabinets or in other small areas.

Another great way to make one bedroom apartments seem bigger is to take the opportunity to downsize some of the personal belongings that you don’t actually need in your life. People tend to fill the living space that they’re in, which can make smaller living spaces seem more cramped than they really are. By downsizing your life and only holding onto the essentials, you’ll begin to realize just how much space a one bedroom apartment in Springfield really has to offer you.

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