First-Time Renters in Springfield

Young adults who want their own space often turn to apartments and lofts in Springfield for their first dwelling. An apartment offers a lower payment plan, greater flexibility, less responsibility, and location priority. how to search domain names . Rather than purchasing a home, most young adults want to start out with the flexibility and ease of renting. Designing for a smaller space, however, is often approached differently than in a typical home or smaller dorm.

Stylish Storage

Many renters look for sleek and innovative furniture designs that provide comfort, décor and storage to their space. These 3-in-1 pieces are spatially efficient and help reduce clutter while improving the style of the space. Stylish storage items especially common include, storage ottomans, fold-away beds, sleeper sofas, storage cubes for bookshelves, and storage coffee tables.

Dramatic Focal Points

Depending on the loft or apartment, a focal point might be a structural part of the space or a piece within the space. Some lofts have urban structure or fireplaces that are made the focal point. Other apartments may have a scenic window that takes attention. For apartments with a simple structure, renters often look for a piece of artwork that captures their style and the viewer’s attention. Both prints and original pieces are often used for apartment art. Additionally, some renters prefer stretched canvas photo prints of themselves, their family, or their pets.

Choosing a Floor

When picking out an apartment, renters often debate on the floor they want their space to be on. For those who have a choice, the top floor offers a better view, while the bottom floor offers a more convenient trip. Some like the ability to use the stairs for the first or second floor when the elevator is not working, while others dislike the loss of privacy experienced with windows on lower floors. Choosing a floor greatly depends on personal style, activity abilities, and preference.