Preparing for Freshman Year

As seniors finish out their high school years and look forward to starting postsecondary education at a college or university, they often feel overwhelmed. Many students find the transition is difficult and unfamiliar. There are several things most parents and students do to help foster a successful freshman year.

Registering for Classes

There are typically many choices to make for students in regards to schedules. Students get to look over classes offered and find those that fit into their majors as well as their schedule for the semester. Often, advisors from the school will help the student choose the classes and advise them on specifics regarding their schedule. Many students try to work their days so they have evenings off. how to search domain names . Some try to pick classes that do not land on a Friday in order to have more time on the weekend to travel home or enjoy college activities.

Considering On-Campus or Off-Campus Housing

There are benefits to staying either on or off the campus. Those who stay on the campus grounds, or at least very near it, are able to participate more readily in the student activities. Students on the school grounds are able to easily walk to most classes and socialize with many other involved students. Living off campus allows a student to have more freedom over his or her housing options, location, and housing rules. Student housing in Springfield is often located near the college.

Purchasing Textbooks

Most classes require textbooks and the cost can add up quite quickly. Students who are able to get their class schedules and book lists ahead of time can purchase their books online or second-hand. If a student desires to purchase books outside of the campus bookstore, he or she must take care to get the correct edition. Ogimrosingvi . Different editions vary in length, content and layout, making it difficult to follow along in class with the wrong one.

Considering Transportation

Most students do not want to be stuck on campus, but some colleges do not provide freshman with parking spaces in their first year. Parents and students may choose to purchase a reliable car for the student to use, or they may prefer to walk or ride a bike on campus. Many students find they do not need a car and prefer to use a less expensive bike that does not require gas and maintenance.